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Oprah Winfrey tells Lindsay Lohan to ‘cut the bull****’ in trailer for new reality show Lindsay

A FED-UP Oprah Winfrey told Lindsay Lohan to “cut the bull****” during the chaotic filming of her new reality TV show. The first trailer for

Pregnant woman drives kids into ocean in Florida


A PREGNANT woman drove a car full of children into the ocean as horrified witnesses tried desperately to help. The unidentified woman from South Carolina

Drunk tractor driver decapitates three people in head-on crash


A drunk tractor driver killed three people after crashing into their car head-on. Jacob Gavrilov, 43, caused the fatal accident when he swerved his large vehicle

Russian troops threaten to shoot Ukrainian soldiers in tense stand-off


This is the moment tensions threatened to boil over in Crimea as Russian troops fired warning shots at a group of unarmed Ukrainian soldiers. Remarkable footage

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