Watch: People are hurled into the air as waterspout rips into beach

A waterspout ripped into a beach in Penambuco, Brazil, picking people up from the ground and throwing them into the air.

The waterspout was described as a ‘tornado at sea’, by locals, and was filmed moving from the sea to the land, where hurled chairs and umbrellas around.

Talitha Sampaio, said, ‘I was in Jaboatao, looking toward Recife, and there was a dark cloud. Suddenly, the clouds cleared and came here… and looked like a whirlwind into the sea from the sky.’

Local Vanessa Quechua said, ‘It picked up chairs, umbrellas… even a small child was thrown by the strong wind. Many people came running and screaming for help.’

By Staff 03/03/2015 11:19:00