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Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District recall petitions approved

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The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's Office says organizers of a recall effort against two Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District board members are free to start collecting signatures.

The recall effort is targeting district directors Janice Pizzi and Bryan Mendiola.

If enough signatures are collected to trigger a special election, it would likely happen in the late summer or early fall of 2014.

Only registered voters in the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District are eligible to sign the petitions.

“Should this recall election proceed, I am confident that our office will administer this election as we have many others -- with the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism,” said El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams.  “Just as in last year’s historic legislative recall election or the other local recall elections the Clerk and Recorder’s Office has administered, we are well positioned to assist the citizens of the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District if they decide that this election is appropriate.”


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