Farming Simulator game is so good, even actual farmers love it

Farming Simulator is a popular game in Europe, traditionally published for PCs but making the leap to PS3 and Xbox360 in September. As the title may suggest, it simulates farming. And, as senior artist Marc Schwegler told the website Polygon, despite having a core audience of children, Farming Simulator is also quite popular with actual farmers.

"They are the most vocal audience we have — people who are actually farming. They're very active on our forums, and they'll tell us if we're doing something wrong." We're a little baffled at this news — we assume few people in other high-stress professions, such as police officers, EMTs or firefighters, are rushing home from work to play computer versions of their day-to-day lives, but Schwegler suspects it's that the game offers a stress-free version of farmers' main passion. "It's an endless game. Slow, relaxing games can be good."


By Staff Writer 09/05/2013 20:37:00