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Welcome Kathy J to Colorado’s Everyday Show

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Welcome Kathy J to Colorado’s Everyday Show

Posted on: 10:17 am, January 20, 2014, by Web Staff

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  1. Conservative Christian politician Vance McAllister caught kissing staffer at party (4.00)

  2. Terrified pup trapped in icy river shows his boundless gratitude to man who came to his rescue (3.00)

  3. Chloe Campbell's distraught mother trapped in a 'living nightmare' (3.00)

  4. Tribal elder's advice to the giggling Cambridges as Kate recycles chic scarlet suit for trip to earthquake-hit Christchurch (1.00)

  5. Kim Kardashian denied access to Vanity Fair party (0)

  6. Russian troops threaten to shoot Ukrainian soldiers in tense stand-off (0)

  7. Drunk tractor driver decapitates three people in head-on crash (0)

  8. Boxer vows to fight on – after 51st defeat in row (0)

  9. Forbes rich list names world’s youngest billionaires (0)

  10. Spoiled’ teen takes parents to court (0)

  11. Pregnant woman drives kids into ocean in Florida (0)

  12. Oprah Winfrey tells Lindsay Lohan to ‘cut the bull****’ in trailer for new reality show Lindsay (0)

  13. Sheriff's office refutes Black Forest independent investigator's claim that burnout was reckless (0)

  14. Teen collapses and falls into a coma after consuming 4 LITERS of energy drinks during 16-hour video-game binge (0)

  15. National Geographic readers provide magazine with stunning collection of personal moments from 'the month of love' (0)

  16. One employee hurt in stabbing at Qdoba, 2nd employee arrested (0)

  17. Undercover film 'shows top race trainers and vets admit giving horses performance-enhancing drugs and electric shocks to make them run faster as well as using superglue to fix rotting hooves' (0)

  18. Investigation continues one year after murder of prisons chief (0)

  19. Naked woman tries to visit her husband in jail after St Patrick's Day pub crawl and gets detained until she sobers up (0)

  20. US and Russia exchange threats in heated UN debate on Crimea (0)

  21. Could protein found in the brains of developing fetuses hold the key to treating Alzheimers (0)

  22. Animal rescue crew wear hazardous-waste suits as they remove 72 flea-ridden cats from elderly woman's home (0)

  23. The Rolling Stones have left Australia, with Mick Jagger joining his bandmates on the group's private jet which took off from Perth airport bound for Abu Dhabi (0)

  24. Man, 83, dies in the hospital 10 MINUTES before his 75-year-old wife who succumbed to a heart attack driving to see him (0)

  25. 'My boyfriend is going to kill you': The chilling text message boy, 15, received just before he was shot dead in 'row over girl' (0)

  26. CU study could change the way autism is researched in the future (0)

  27. Detectives investigate homicide in Jefferson County (0)

  28. Most embarrassing Facebook fails yet: Toe-curling attention-seeking status updates which even caused family fall-outs (0)

  29. Besieged Ukrainian soldiers DEFECT to Russia as Kiev prepares to pull 25,000 troops and their families out of Crimea (0)

  30. Bizarre iPhone case doubles as a dumbbell (0)

  31. Japanese inventor reveals the HoverBall with a DRONE inside (0)

  32. Lakewood woman visits firefighters, paramedics who saved her life (0)

  33. Kiev defiant on Crimea, EU leaders to meet (0)

  34. Effort is on to close the gender wage gap (0)

  35. Demolition work at Sixth Avenue and I-25 extended into next week (0)

  36. Pharrell and Will.i.am end legal feud and agree to settlement (0)

  37. Think your school run is bad? Incredible moment Vietnamese man takes his kids across a flooded river in a PLASTIC BAG (0)

  38. JC Penney store worker fired after revealing 'fake sales practices' (0)

  39. 'We couldn't resist': American political prisoners in Iran describe how they were able to have sex in jail after guard left cell door open by mistake (0)

  40. ‘Flappy Bird’ app will return — but not soon (0)

  41. U.S. 36 to close for three hours Thursday for blasting (0)

  42. Justin Casquejo snuck into the World Trade Center at 4 am, passed a sleeping security and made it up to the spire (0)

  43. French mayor caught speeding at almost twice the legal limit told police he was trying to dry his car out after a visit to the car wash (0)

  44. DOMINATRIX Carlie Ritch to run for mayor Toronto (0)

  45. Malaysian Airlines MH370 passengers' families were told news of debris found (0)

  46. Bomb squad called in to detonate four live GRENADES found in attic after widow discovers them while going through Army veteran husband's belongings (0)

  47. Internet blackout hits Syria as residents are left without online access for seven hours (0)

  48. TODAY: Shooting at Anschutz, March Madness in Full Swing, First Day of Spring (0)

  49. WATCH: Man solves ‘Wheel of Fortune’ puzzle on first guess (0)

  50. Man rescued after fall in Eldorado Canyon State Park (0)

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