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Tommy Chong visits Pueblo pot shop

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PUEBLO, Colo. -

The newly legalized drug is also helping a famous comedian, actor and pro-marijuana advocate who you may have heard of.

We got a chance to talk with Tommy Chong about Colorado's new law.

On the fourth day of legalization there is still a huge demand.

Long lines at Marisol Therapeutics, a Pueblo County pot shop. Customers braved the snow to get there, many of them are from out of state.

"I personally have been waiting for this day since 1959," said one man waiting in line.

But you may recognize one of them.

"I just had a feeling that this would be a good place to do, on the first or second day of legalization. its a very historic site. if there's a war on drugs, we won,” said Tommy Chong.

Chong is well known for his Cheech & Chong movies, his character on That '70s Show, and for his strong pro-marijuana beliefs.

Chong explains, "Everything I stood for everything I went to jail for everything I believed in, and the means of my existence is all based around marijuana. It was no reason to put anyone in jail. That's what's been solved that's what has been healed here.”

Chong says the newly legalized drug has also helped him heal.

"I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. I went to the doctors then they put me on drugs. I took a massive dose of hash oil and now I'm as healthy as the day I was born. No cancer," says Chong.

Chong adds, he doesn’t think he’s the only one who will benefit from legalization.

"All they did on the first, second and third day was make money. No riots, no fighting, nothing but love and money. And with that money coming back into help schools, help roads, help infrastructure. We started a whole new way of life now. It's going to spread throughout the world,” says Chong.


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