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Armed thugs invade Georgia home and steal Christmas presents

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  • Jordan Davis told police that armed thugs broke into her house shortly after her husband left the home
  • Davis says the men stole her autistic daughter's medication and communication equipment
  • Davis says the thugs grabbed her 6-year-old daughter by the hair and kicked her ribs

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 10:31 EST, 12 December 2013 | UPDATED: 13:54 EST, 12 December 2013



A Georgia woman told police that she and her autistic daughter were the victims of a group of thugs who broke into their home on Wednesday night, attacked the 6-year-old girl and made off with all of the family's Christmas presents.

According to the mother, Jordan Davis, the gang of masked men broke into her home by smashing through a dining room window with a cinder block about 7 pm -- just after her husband left to make a trip to the store.

According to Davis, she and 6-year-old Jade, who also suffers from epilepsy, were in an upstairs bedroom when the men stormed into their DeKalb County home.

The Grinch: Davis says armed intruders stole all of her family's Christmas presents, as well as medication for her daughter

The Grinch: Davis says armed intruders stole all of her family's Christmas presents, as well as medication for her daughter (File Photo)

'I heard a crash, and then I heard a boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,' Davis told WSBTV. 'It was the intruders coming up the stairs.'

As the men ransacked the house, Davis says her daughter - who is unable to speak - 'was of course crying.'

Davis said that at least one of the men had a gun and another had a knife during the attack, and that they forced her and the girl into a closet as they looked for valuables.

At one point, Davis said, one of the intruders kicked the young, disabled girl in the side and then 'picked her up by her hair and held a gun to her right temple and told me to give them everything I have or he would kill her,' Davis said. 'It was real scary for everybody.'

Smash and grab: Davis says the armed men used a cinder block to smash through a window

Smash and grab: Davis says the armed men used a cinder block to smash through a window

The armed thieves rummaged through the girl's room looking for valuables, Davis said. Some of the items taken include clothes, the girl's seizure medication and medical equipment the girl uses to communicate. 

Then, Davis said, they stole the family's Christmas presents and fled.

'They just stole Christmas from us,' Davis told Channel 2. 'It’s sad.'

Jade suffered bruised ribs in the attack. The girls was examined at a local hospital and released Thursday.





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