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Qantas staff upset by 'sexy' new uniform, modelled by Miranda Kerr

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  • Miranda Kerr modelled the Martin Grant-designed uniforms in April
  • Flight attendants have complained they don't suit anyone but the model
  • The uniforms will be rolled out across 12,000 staff from Thursday
  • Last week Qantas announced 1,000 jobs would be cut to save AUS$2bn

By Martha De Lacey

PUBLISHED: 08:32 EST, 9 December 2013 | UPDATED: 19:01 EST, 9 December 2013




Australian supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr has swapped lacy lingerie for a black and fuchsia shift dress, modelling the new uniform for Australian airline Qantas.

But the flight attendants expected to wear the new attire while working on flights have complained that it is too sexy, impractically tight, and unflattering on anyone who doesn't have the enviably slim curves of Orlando Bloom's ex-wife.

Speaking about the Martin Grant-designed uniforms - which Qantas ambassador Kerr, 30, first modelled in April - one domestic short-haul flight attendant told Australia's Daily Telegraph: 'The uniforms are really tight and they are simply not practical for the very physical job we have to do.'

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Miranda Kerr modelling the new Qantas air hostess uniform
Miranda Kerr in the new-look uniform

Miranda Kerr modelling the new uniform for Qantas air stewards, designed by Martin Grant

When first revealed by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, staff complained the uniforms were 'too sexy' and uncomfortable.

One stewardess added: 'The uniform looks fantastic on Miranda Kerr but unfortunately we don't all look like her," said another attendant.

'Hosties range in age from their 20s to their 60s and a lot of the older ones don't want to wear tight-fitting uniforms,' she continued.

'We like the current Peter Morrissey-designed uniforms. They are really comfortable.'


Over 12,000 Qantas employees will wear the new uniform from Thursday, despite the airline having recently announced plans to cut 1000 jobs in a bit to save AUS$2bn over then next three years.

'We have asked the airline to tweak the uniform a little to accommodate some concerns'

A spokeswoman for the Flight Attendants Association of Australia National Division said union members had been in touch with concerns about the new dresses.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, she said: 'We have asked the airline to tweak the uniform a little to accommodate some concerns.

'Once it comes in and the crew are wearing it we will be having more discussions. If there are more issues, obviously we would expect the company to iron them out.'


But a Qantas spokeswoman said several crew members had been on a panel which gave input into the design, and that the new clothes had been trialled by 75 members of staff who wore int on the job for several weeks.

She said: 'The feedback we've had from staff on the new uniform has been overwhelmingly positive.

'There are bound to be some adjustments needed as we roll out multiple pieces to 12,000 people, but it's been going very smoothly and there's a lot of excitement.'

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