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'Santa, if you have nuts, candy, or toys to spare, kindly send me some?' A child's humble Christmas wish list from 1915

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By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 14:48 EST, 9 December 2013 | UPDATED: 14:48 EST, 9 December 2013



Filled with modern gadgets and the latest toys, Christmas wish lists today are bursting with material items.

But a humble 98-year-old letter sent to Santa Claus proves that such extravagant expectations have not always been the norm.

In 1915, seven-year-old Homer Mellen from London, Ontario simply wanted a 'box of paints, a nine cent reader, and a school bag to put them in.'

A humble 98-year-old letter sent to Santa Claus in 1915 proves that extravagant Christmas wish lists have not always been the norm

A humble letter sent to Santa Claus in 1915 by seven-year-old Homer Mellen proves that extravagant Christmas wish lists have not always been the norm

Larry Mellen, 79, kept his father's modest wish list in order to 'put away for memories for grandchildren,' he told Good Morning America this morning.

'It says so much about the lack of appreciation for those things that truly are a special gift,' Mr Mellon explained, comparing his father's unassuming list to those of children today.

'We just take it for granted that you're going to have that stuff at Christmas time, or any other time for that matter.'

His father's letter to Santa Claus modestly continues: 'And if you have any nuts, or candy, or toys to spare, would you kindly send me some. You will please a seven year old boy.'

Homer's granddaughter, Laurie Bloomfield, 49, of Nova Scotia, is keeping the letter to share with her own grandchildren.

'I'm a teacher, so as teacher I get to hear a lot of kids' wishes,' she said. 'What I find with this generation is they want to talk a lot, they want to put out a lot of information. They have lots to say and want to tell it all.'

After one little girl's lavish list, which included '1,000 bucks', a puppy, a Razor scooter that 'lights up', 'All of the Beanie Babies' and 'A little thing that can turn into anything at anytime,' went viral last week, Ms Bloomfield said she wanted to share her grandfather's own wish list.

'We just take for granted that whatever we want out there we can have, and that isn't the case,' said Mr Mellen.

'When my father was young, to put your stocking up with care and knowing that you were going to get maybe an orange, that was the magic of Christmas.'

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